Have a think about some of the things you do on a day to day basis.

Do you realise the insanity and strangeness of some of the occurences you take for granted?

Such as the fact that for an average of eight hours every day we are in an altered state of consciousness, in a state of suspended animation where we lose awareness of our surroundings and see images of things we have often never experienced in our conscious state. Every single day. And if we don’t go through this process, if this is even possible for us at all, then our mind begins to crack at the seams and we see eight legged arthropods on the edges of our vision when in fact there aren’t any? I am, of course, referring to sleep. Why do we need it? No-one has been able to give me a straight answer, and the scientific explanation has more holes in it than a piece of swedish cheese.

A picture of a piece of cheese to help illustrate my point and make my terrible simile more amusing.

And what about crying? What does feeling sad or very happy have to do with leaking liquid from our eyes? It’s odd! But apparently

scientists believe tears also carry certain undesirable  hormones and other proteins that are produced during periods of stress  out of the body, which may explain the cathartic effect of “a good cry.”

Makes sense, although we ar ethe only mammal to do this for emotional reasons.

Did you know that the more you ‘zone out’ the more creative and intelligent you tend to be? I somehow doubt this. I have spent the majority of many hours in school and at work and at home and on the bus in a perpetual state of zone outedness and it has not helped my IQ even the tiniest bit, let me assure you.

Either way, what is undeniable is that we often take life far too much for granted. The very fact that there is an existence – I’m sure you’ve all thought about this at some point and doesn’t it just feel like your brain is being wrung into a bucket. Why does anything have to exist? What is ‘this’. The point of all of ‘this’, where the word ‘this’ is a substitute for some other much more specific word that I cannot mentally locate due to the failings of my lax vocabulary and weak brainpower as a consequence of my having run out of coffee this morning. Cause and effect.

Think about it.