This blog is a space on the interweb that is open about the fact that it is a narcissistic sounding board for subjective opinion.

The context? 2012. Young, female, Australian(ish) Arts student with not enough- maybe too much? time on her hands, releasing pent up cynicism/creative energy? Should have done liberal arts. Should have done journalism. Should have done Film and TV.

No matter.

Opinion on what, you may ask? On the most relevant aspect of human experience – life, really. It’s a little philosophy, a little anthropology, maybe a little pop culture to increase its palatability.

But why is my opinion of such importance that you should waste precious seconds of your life reading what I have to say? It isn’t.

Just like every other blog out there within the vast scary network that is the world wide web, so you may as well peruse it quickly and see if I have anything of value to contribute – if only for your contemptuous amusement.