We as a species have always been able to instinctively sense the tremendous power that music has on the mind. The simple fact that certain train stations around Melbourne with a reputation for violence now feature classical music from overhead speakers is testament to this fact.

Recently I read that we tend to select our music to match our mood. If this is the way it works in the short term, extrapolating leads to the conclusion that overall our taste in music reflects our personality and frame of mind, as a consequence of the ‘vibe’ our mind operates on.

Suddenly, judging someone based on their taste in music seems justifiable and perhaps plausible!

Personally my musical taste is all over the place and relatively all-encompassing- I can ‘like’ a song from just about any genre, but it has definitely changed over the years as I have gotten older and started spending time with different types of people, certain areas tend to attract me more than others. The bands I have been listening to of late are becoming progressively more obscure. Not sure how I feel about this fact- I’m not one of those who is too postmodern to enjoy some mainstream tunes should they be enjoyable, although admittedly most mainstream tunes are godawful and an embarrassment to the supposed ‘artists’ who spawn them. Also, interestingly enough, different bands within certain musical style I find I almost subconsciously match up to different periods in my life and different people. Sometimes listening to a song takes you right back, and you can almost picture the sights, smells, feelings and the face that was around when you first started listening to it.

Just a thought.