So I figured, what better way to start a blog which is essentially about over-thinking (or shall I less aptly but more obfuscatingly say- ‘philosophizing the mundane experiences that occur in everyday life’) than with a video where a pair of obscure, albeit highly educated scientists discuss why you may find one painting appealing yet I might hate it.

In all honesty though, I think it’s fascinating. It’s almost what one might call a ‘life hack’. Consider the possibility of being able to, at a very essential level, decode the nuances of what we find “aesthetically pleasing”, then harness this understanding and utilize its full potential. For one thing the benefit to be provided within the world of advertising is unparalleled. I wonder why they don’t invest more time and money investigating this.

I mean they*  took the time to figure what height to place a box of cereal so we look at one brand before we see another (did you know that certain supermarket shelves cost companies more money to display a product on than others? For precisely this reason) yet oddly no-one has bothered to really delve into how to capture our attention on a nuerochemical level.  Get those dopamine levels rising with appealing shapes and colours and we’ll buy your product. It’s simple, really.

* Whoever “they” are. The advertisers and media giants who control the world. Conspiracy theories abound.